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Southeastern Massachusetts Baseball Umpires

Paul "Lefty" Duval  (1930-2009)

Paul "Lefty" Duval (1930-2009) Founding Member, Past President and Commissioner

Umpire Classes are completed for 2018, Return Later for Info on 2019 Classes

2018 Umpire Classes are complete

The Classes for the SMBUA 2018 Season are complete. 

Please return later in the summer for information on becoming an umpire for the 2019Season. 


Official No Pitch Base on Balls Procedure

This is the official procedure for a no pitch intentional walk as provided by the State Interpreter Tom Clews. 


The umpire must wait until the batter has assumed his position in the batter's box before "acknowledging" the manager's request to Intentionally Walk him (by simply awarding him first base, "Time" is granted the moment the umpire "acknowledges" the manager's request). If the manager is premature in his request, the umpire should politely ask him to wait until the above criteria have been met before indicating and/or informing the umpire of his final intentions(as it is for his benefit that he waits until the proper time).

This protocol will insure (1) that the batter he intended to walk is, in fact, the actual batter and has not been replaced by a pinch hitter or a player reentering the game (2) that he has adequate time to consider his options, such as a visit to the mound and/or changing pitchers and (3) in the event the immediate preceding play may involve some type of appeal, he still has time to make the appeal before choosing to walk the batter (as once the decision to walk the batter has been "acknowledged" by the umpire, the team loses its right to appeal (the walking of the batter is considered a play).

It would be of great benefit to everyone and a service to our coaches if this protocol was discussed during the ground rules, especially the first couple of weeks of the season. I wish you all a great Spring and Summer season and look forward to seeing you soon.

Tom Clews
MBUA State Interpreter



Welcome to the 2019 Baseball Season

Welcome to the 2019 for the Southeastern Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association. 

We are looking forward to a great year of High School Baseball. 

The Meeting Dates will be posted very soon.


**** Unless other wise noted, all meetings will be held at the VFW in Dartmouth MA 144 Cross Road, Dartmouth MA 02747


Link to Concussion in Sports

This is the link to the Mandatory Concussion Course required to officiate High School Sports in Massachusetts. All Active Members of the SMBUA must provide proof that they have taken the the course for the current school year.

    Southeastern Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association

    The Southeastern Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association purpose is to: 
     Further the interests of amateur baseball umpires.
    Maintain the highest standard of umpiring.
    Promote the welfare of amateur sports, its players, administrators, fans, the press and baseball umpires.
    Encourage the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship;
    Work with organizations and associations connected with sports to further amateur sports and all persons involved in amateur sports;
     Provide educational programs to advance the skills of amateur baseball umpires.
    Work with sports administrators to provide qualified umpires to officiate amateur baseball.
    Conduct programs to encourage public appreciation for the skill and professional competence of amateur baseball umpires.

    AL Niles

    Secretary / Treasurer

    Phone: 508-858-1451

    Officers of the SMBUA for 2019

    The Officers of the SMBUA with year they became members 


    President - Dave Rose - (1972) 

    Vice President - Jim Vieira - ( 2003 )

    Secretary /  Treasurer - Al Niles (2008)

    Interpreter - Steven Vieira (1989) **

    Commissioner - Bryan Andrade (1985) **

    ** Indicates Past President of the SMBUA 


    Board of Directors for 2019

    Chairman - Bob Fraga..... 2017

    Lenny Concepcion..... 2017

    Paul Nadeau 2017

    Fred Frates..... 2018

    Larry Thomas.....2018

    Paul Silvia..... 2018

    Bryan Andrade 2019

    Bryan Fleet..... 2019

    Derek Quigley 2019






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